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Nancy Katz is a nationally recognized artist with a keen sense of color and design.

Her work is included as part of the permanent collections of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Oakland Museum, and the Magnes Museum.

Nancy was recently published in the 2011 Education Issue of the magazine Faith & Form and is profiled in the 1999 book, Judaic Artisans Today.

Her often collaboratively created work can be found throughout the United States and Israel.

Nancy loves sharing her passion for artmaking with others and has extensive experience facilitating individual and communal artmaking experiences.

After 25 years in Northern California, Nancy now lives in Western Massachusetts with her husband Mark Liebowitz, their dog Mazel, and sweet memories of their beloved cat Nachamu.

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As an artist, my work is about bringing color and light into the world.  
As an educator, my goal is to empower others to take risks and to embrace their own creativity.
As a Jew, my commitment is to celebrate life to its fullest, acknowledging the power of both Source and community.